We are The Little Black Book.

Here’s a little insight into who we are and what we stand for.

Our Work Ethic

TLBB has adopted the Tripartite Standards, and has
committed to be a fair and progressive employer.

We take care of each other.

We’re about being in business and keeping the team together for the long haul. We put a premium on respect. We keep things honest & transparent. We value what each person brings to the table.

We’re curious.

We ask questions. A lot of questions. Being interested in things keeps us interesting. It helps us deliver insight that excites. There’s nothing worse than a project that never ends. Asking questions sets clear goals from the get-go, so we nail it the first time. Question-asking also makes for better banter during brainstorming sessions. It keeps us open to new ideas, trends and creative possibilities.

We put in the heart work.

We do what we do out of love. More importantly, we love the folks we do it for – our clients.
We are committed to your success.

Be the voice, not an echo.

No two briefs are the same. No two clients have the same expectation. So, we go out of our way to give you custom solutions.

Little wine, all the time

The best working relationships always happen when both parties treat it as a partnership. You’re buying into our creative ideas, not just our service set.

Distinguish sense from nonsense.

We’re consultants just as much
as we’re creators, and we’re
interested in value creation.

Passion is priceless.

Our clients don’t deserve half-baked work. We are always looking to create something we can be proud of.

The TLBB Family

We are play-friendly. If you’re looking for strictly-business folks, you’ll be disappointed

The Project Drivers

These are the ones at the wheel of every project, working closely with our clients and the rest of the team to make sure things run smoothly all the way to the finish line.


On the rare occasion when she has free time, Michelle enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, having conversations with interesting people and working on self-improvement.


A hipster at heart and a lover of good design, Cindy spends her free time searching for new gastronomical experiences and exploring flea markets.


When he’s not working up a sweat at the gym, Jonathan enjoys watching Netflix and grooving to music.


When she’s not analyzing numbers and compiling reports, Jermaine likes to draw and create her own video content.

The Pit Crew

They work behind the scenes to provide crucial support in the creative and administrative departments. They keep the engine running.


A self-professed Otaku, Crystal enjoys anime, manga and gaming – the works. She is fluent in four languages and wants to learn more.


Apart from keeping himself updated on the latest design trends, Tio’s hobbies include Dungeons & Dragons and other board games.


When she’s not doodling in her notebook, Cheryl enjoys gaming as well as baking. She moonlights as a Pokémon trainer and has a complete Pokédex.


Natalie spends her time binging TV series, watching too many movies and playing the same game. Her other hobbies include reading, daydreaming and listening to music.


An avid reader with a penchant for horror, Natasha loves a good pun as well as a good scare.


Amelia enjoys ‘80s and ‘90s themed parties, belting her heart out during karaoke and cooking without a recipe.


When she’s not crunching numbers, Jennifer enjoys travelling, and chatting with strangers while taking a stroll.


Rex loves watching football, travelling the world and taking risks. As a web developer, he’s always looking to create something cool and valuable to others.


A foodie with an affection for sightseeing, Nigel enjoys travelling overseas and reading Chinese novels.

Miko - Unsolicited Security Guard

A terrier-mix with the confidence of a German Shepherd and the clinginess of a toddler, Miko spends her time barking at guests and demanding belly rubs.

We’re made out of quirky, lovable personalities – and we know
how to have a good time on and off the clock.

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