Swissflex is a Swiss-based eyewear brand owned by Markus Caviezel. They are known for using high-tech polymer materials to create one of the lightest spectacle frames in the world. Swissflex is a classic case of a company having a great product but not having the levels of brand awareness required to reach their full potential – in Singapore, at least.


To boost the awareness of Swissflex’s products among consumers as well as eyewear retailers in Singapore, we organised Swissflex’s first ever seminar in Asia. The event would serve to highlight their unique selling point which is the exceptional lightness of their frames.


We were responsible for the planning and management of the event – from booking the venue to designing the presentation slides. Markus Caviezal himself came down to Singapore to speak to key eyewear retailers as well as the media. Guests were treated to great food and great entertainment. There was even a contortionist performance to symbolise the flexibility of Swissflex’s spectacle frames.


The event was a success. It boosted retailers’ confidence in Swissflex as well as provided significant media mileage for the brand. This helped Swissflex gain the traction it needed.