Refresh Laser Clinic


Refresh Laser Clinic provides state-of-the-art dermatology and skin laser services that are quick and effective. They came to us with a brief to build an independent website from their parent brand, Refresh Bodyworks, that has an e-commerce function, is mobile friendly and helps build brand awareness.


We kept our design for Refresh’s website simple but modern in order to complement Refresh’s polished and classy brand image. Their treatments are grouped into three categories so that consumers with specific needs can quickly find suitable treatments. This allows for easy navigation and makes the website more user-friendly.


We humanised our design through our stylistic choices. The aesthetics are kept light and soft, illuminating the website in a relaxed glow. Apart from the turquoise, colours on the site were kept to a minimal. This gives the site an air of sophistication that is in line with Refresh’s own branding.


The final result is a simple yet sophisticated website that is so easy to navigate it makes users feel instantly relaxed.