Nestle Alegria


Nestlé is a brand that needs no introduction. They were looking to expand the market for their coffee machines, specifically in office settings. The first step to achieving this goal was to increase brand awareness among office workers and HR personnel.


TLBB planned and implemented an integrated marketing campaign that covered the entire buying cycle. The campaign centered on the idea of coffee as a source of productivity at work.


The first phase of the campaign involved ads both online and offline to boost the awareness of Nestlé’s coffee machines. These include print ads, out-of-home ads at MRT platforms, Yahoo! Super Pushdown ads, and YouTube ads in the form of non-skippable ads and companion banners.

We also designed several posts for Nestlé’s Facebook page promoting the idea of recharging at work with their coffee machines. By advertising on multiple online and offline platforms, we were able to cover a variety of touchpoints and effectively reach out to our target audience.

For phase two, we set up a sampling booth to give passersby a taste of Nestle’s coffee. We also gave out brochures promoting the NESCAFE Alegria coffee machine. Other collaterals that we designed and gave out at the event include pen holders, coffee mugs and coasters. Allowing our target group to try the coffee for themselves increased consumer trust in Nestle’s coffee. This in turn helped boost conversions.


The campaign was successful in boosting awareness for Nestle’s coffee machines among office workers. This translated into a 28.7% increase in new orders and re-orders.