monologue™ is a well-known name in the notebook industry. Their line of products have grown from their signature Ruled Notebook to feature other lifestyle items. Their brief to us was to create a video to help boost brand awareness even further.


The concept for our videos is based on how a monologue is an integral part of ideation and self-expression. The videos encourage consumers to use the monologue to make some noise. Loudly.


Since music is one of the most popular forms of self-expression, we turned monologue™ notebooks into instruments. A symphony of scribbling, page-flipping and drumming using monologue™ notebooks isn’t just a catchy beat but an engaging way to get our point across. It positions a monologue™ as an instrument of self-expression.


Our client loved the idea. They are now thinking of branching out and producing a line of monologue™ instruments. We kid.