Matchbox @100 Ulu Pandan is a hostel in Singapore catered to foreign students. They had just begun operations at that time so occupancy levels were low. TLBB helped out by creating a website that would contain everything that potential guests would want to know about the hostel. This meant that we needed an efficient way to introduce the full range of rooms and facilities Matchbox had to offer.


Since Matchbox is targeted at students, we wanted to design a website that is young and trendy. Wary of the large amount of information we had to pack in the site, we relied on showing instead of telling; and since a picture tells a thousand words, we decided a video must be worth a whole lot more.


The most prominent feature of the site is its vibrant colour scheme made up of a mix of complementary orange and bluish-green colours. This is paired with brightly-lit visuals to give Matchbox’s website an inviting look and feel. Flat, minimalist icons bring out the young and contemporary vibe of the site.

The video on the landing page was produced in-house and gives potential guests a full perusal of the rooms and amenities available.

We spruced up the interior and took shots of the various rooms, common areas as well as the exterior of the buildings. This gives potential guests a holistic picture of Matchbox. The camera angles and upbeat background music also presents Matchbox as an exciting place to reside.


The video had a significant impact on the user-friendliness of Matchbox’s website. It eliminated the hassle of having to scroll through or click through multiple pages in order to get a good overview.

Overall, the website was effective in generating interest in Matchbox and positioning them as a home away from home. It also provided an efficient way for Matchbox to generate and manage leads – Matchbox’s occupancy rate has skyrocketed to about 80%.