KL Ng Clinic


KL Ng Medical Clinic is a family clinic offering a wide range of primary healthcare services. They wanted to create a website that patients could visit to find out more about the different medical services they offer.


The strategy behind our website design was to position KL Ng Medical Clinic as a friendly, family-oriented clinic. We also wanted to segment the information in a way that makes the website easy for patients with varying levels of digital savviness to navigate.


Visuals featuring families and children help establish KL Ng Medical Clinic as a family clinic. Information is segmented and colour-coded for visual clarity. There is also a section in the site dedicated to providing detailed explanations on the clinic’s vaccination services, setting KL Ng apart from other family clinics. Overall, the tone was kept amicable and professional.


The final website is informational in content and neighbourly in tone. This effectively positions KL Ng as the go-to family clinic for the community.