Fibonacci Global Payment Services is a Singaporean-based company offering multi-currency prepaid programs. They asked TLBB to create a visual identity that effectively represents their corporate goal: to simplify payment processes for consumers.


The Fibonacci sequence is omnipresent, pervasive in both nature as well as technology, making it the perfect source of inspiration. We decided to incorporate one of its most well-known manifestations – the Golden Spiral – into the logo design.


There are two main components to our logo design. The first is the hexagon – a geometric representation of the Fibonacci sequence and also the most scientifically efficient shape. It represents FGPS’s commitment to simplifying the complex.

The second component is the series of six spirals, arranged in an ever-unfolding manner to symbolise FGPS’s constant evolution to meet the changing needs of customers. This intricate logo is also the basis of our design for FGPS’s prepaid card.


The logo didn’t just provide FGPS with a unique identity, it helped position FGPS as an innovative, reliable finance service provider. They were so pleased with what we’ve done that they’ve asked us to work on their corporate website too. We couldn’t be happier.