EZ Monzee


EZ-Link provides four value-added services to make public transit more convenient for consumers. However, awareness was at an all-time low.


Nobody can resist cute so we went beyond the brief and created an adorable, attention-grabbing mascot, named EZ Monzee, to front our short 2D-animated clips. The clips were subsequently uploaded on their Facebook page as well as their website.


Monzee is a cuter version of a typical Singaporean consumer who finds joy in life’s little conveniences. He is the star of all four of our videos.

By placing Monzee in everyday scenarios, we explain how EZ-Link’s value-added services can make one’s life hassle-free in a fun and engaging way.


As an agency, we are always looking to push the envelope and find the most effective way to get a message across. Never underestimate the power of cute. Monzee is a great way to make EZ-Link’s target audience pay attention, thus effectively increasing awareness for EZ-Link’s products and services.