EZ-Link wanted to reach out to commuters to spread the word about their value-added services, which include NFC top-ups and card blocking.

In addition to managing an ongoing social media strategy to boost the awareness of EZ-Link’s value-added services, we organised a promotional event that involved walking the ground and interacting with passersby face-to-face.


Trained promoters, dubbed the “Monzee Squad”, were dispatched to various strategic MRT stations around Singapore to spread the word.

They moved about on their scooters handing out tissue packets and beautifully designed flyers all while talking to passersby about the various services EZ-Link offers. Apart from serving as a means of transport, the scooters also helped attract the attention of curious onlookers, getting them to come to us instead.


By approaching people at MRT stations, we adopted a more targeted approach, sharing the information with people who would actually benefit from the services. As a result, those we spoke to actually kept the flyers instead of binning them.