EZ-Link is a leading contactless card payment company in Singapore that specialises in smart cards for public transit. As their social media agency, we help EZ-Link push social media content for sales generation.

We also produce edutainment content that inform their customers about their value-added services. We’ve been at the forefront of EZ-Link’s social media marketing for their limited edition thematics cards featuring popular characters.


Animation holds a special place in our hearts and we see EZ-Link’s thematic launches as opportunities to create real buzz using animation. To generate hype, we release short teaser trailers on EZ-Link’s Facebook page. These little clips are meant to be cute and therefore extremely shareable.

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We create trailers in the form of short animations to tease upcoming limited edition cards that EZ-Link produces. For the actual launch, we create page like ads as well as Facebook posts to announce them.

We also produce 2D animated videos to raise awareness for EZ-Link’s value-added services as well as to educate consumers on how to use them. In order to humanise EZ-Link, we keep the tone casual while still being professional.


The short teasers are generally well-received and are wildly successful with thematic cards selling out within a day. We are also heartened to have created an online community of loyal fans who will start their own discussions on EZ-Link’s themed cards. They have become bona fide brand ambassadors. Even EZ-Link’s competitors can’t resist jumping in on the fun.