D’Skin Lab is a skincare specialist providing a range of skincare products and solutions. They approached TLBB for help to design a website with e-commerce functions that would help strengthen their branding as well as provide important information on their various products and services.


Our design was built upon the central idea of user-friendliness. Different site visitors have different needs so how do we direct them to the right product or treatment? Our answer: categorisation.


We organised D’Skin’s plethora of products into categories based on the type of solutions they provide. This makes it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

In terms of aesthetics, we used D’Skin’s purple as the accent colour for an otherwise monochromatic website. Arresting images were also used to inject visual interest.


D’Skin’s website is an example of how form should follow function. With its UI and UX designed specifically to help site visitors find what they need easily, the result is a holistic online experience.