D’Skin Lab is a skincare specialist providing a range of products that are a result of extensive research in Japan. They also offer skin treatments using medical grade technology. D’Skin came to us for help to craft a digital advertising strategy that would allow them to reach critical mass without spending an exorbitant amount of money on traditional media advertising.


We proposed a strategy incorporating a network of Google website and mobile app advertisements to promote D’Skin’s products. Unlike ads on traditional media, a Google ad campaign would allow D’Skin to reach out to a wide audience at an affordable price as well as present us with measurable results.

Our approach was a holistic one. We created web banners and redesigned D’Skin’s landing page to ensure that the buyer conversion process is seamless.


We designed Google ad campaigns with custom targeting and keyword optimisation that advertise specific D’Skin products before switching the focus to a new product every six months. This allows all of D’Skin’s products to have equal exposure. We also redesigned their website to be more organised, with detailed explanations on the benefits, the duration and the process of the treatments so that customers can easily find what they are looking for. Going into such detail also serves to educate customers on skin health and suitable treatments.

Besides advertising D’Skin’s products, we also promoted their trial sessions for various treatments at affordable prices. This generates interest and allows customers who are on the fence to experience their service for themselves without committing.


The Google ad campaigns were successful in increasing brand awareness, generating more leads and boosting website traffic.