Combat® is a brand of insecticides that target the nest to provide more effective pest control. TLBB created several video clips that would help boost product awareness and showcase how their products work.


We created 2D animated videos because working with real cockroaches and ants would only be slightly gross and mildly terrifying. The videos showed how Combat® is effective at eliminating all uninvited insect guests. Everything was done in-house.


The protagonist (or should we say antagonist) is the Queen Ant and her millions of subjects. They live in an unsuspecting human’s house where they steal food, eat and sleep without paying rent. Their time is up when some ant subjects chance upon a Combat® Ant Bait. They eat it, bring the poison back to the nest and their whole colony gets eradicated.

These roaches are uninvited guests you literally want to kill. We show how Combat’s products work to kill not just a single roach but every roach in its nest.


The videos are visually-engaging ways to show consumers how Combat® insecticides work and why they are so effective. They were successful in boosting product and brand awareness. We even got a few for ourselves. Just in case.