B-Team is a specialist in cementitious products and services. With experience in both public and private spaces, there is no doubt that they’re good at what they do. However, their website was in need of a revamp.


Since B-Team’s previous website had most of the essential information already on it, our primary goal was to make the user experience more fluid by making the website more responsive. A faster load time means less friction in user experience and thus, more conversions.

We also designed the new website to be more pictorially driven. This means replacing chunks of text with videos and pictures. Nobody likes a wordy website.


B-Team’s new homepage contains all the essential information about the company and its services without being visually overwhelming. This was achieved through the use of a slider and a short introductory video on B-Team.

The video may be simple but it is a great summary of B-Team’s credentials and workflow. We used their brand colour as a background for the transitions to maintain brand integrity. Upbeat background music was also used to add just the right amount of excitement. The video also acts as B-Team’s corporate video and is shown during business pitches.

On B-Team’s previous website, users had to download B-Team’s service specifications in a PDF document. We moved all these onto the site itself in the form of short explanations so that users remain on the site. This helps improve SEO.


The result is a more modern, visually appealing website that is logical in its flow and user experience.