AirAsiaGo recently released a new mobile app that makes it easier for users to book flights, manage their itineraries and gain access to exclusive deals. The next stage was to increase awareness of this new app and to encourage people to download it.


We developed an incentivisation strategy that would not only raise awareness of AirAsiaGo’s app but also entice their target audience – the adventurous with spending power – to actually download the app.


We stationed AirAsiaGo ambassadors around Singapore’s Central Business District during lunch hour for five days to spread the word about the app. The ambassadors were trained to introduce passersby to AirAsiaGo in a succinct manner and to encourage them to download the app or like AirAsiaGo Singapore’s Facebook page in exchange for a luggage lock.

Ambassadors also gave out flyers containing essential information about AirAsiaGo so that passersby in a hurry could still be introduced to the brand.


A total of 10,000 flyers and 460 locks were given out over the span of five days. This translated to 321 new Facebook likes which was 3.5 times more than what is usually attained in a week.