The Essential Social Media Starter Guide

April 30, 2020 - Reading Time: 3 minutes

Now that Covid-19 has forced us all online, some of us may be finding ourselves face-to-face with social media for the first time. If you’re at a loss for content to post, you’re in luck because we’ve put together an essential guide for newbies. If you’re a social media veteran, take this as a refresher. It can’t hurt to remind ourselves of the basics every now and then.

Here’s a basic guide to content creation on social media.

1. Come up with a content plan

Before you start uploading anything, it’s best to have a plan on what sort of content you would like on your social media page. Think about what you want your social media page to do for your business. Is it a platform to showcase your products? A means for you to share behind-the-scenes content? All of the above? Once you’re clear on your goal, it will be easier for you to come up with content pillars.

Content pillars are like overarching categories for your content. Some of them can be more sales-driven than others. For example, you could have one pillar dedicated to highlighting new products and another about providing tips or hacks relating to your industry. These pillars are extremely useful because they guide you along your thinking process as you brainstorm ideas for new content.

2. Adhere to brand guidelines

Once you’ve decided on your content pillars, you can move on to figuring out the nitty-gritty. Everything you post on your business’ social media page is branded content, therefore everything needs to adhere to branding guidelines and accurately reflect your brand personality. That includes visual style and tone of voice.

Check out Tolido’s Espresso Nook on Instagram. Notice how their visual style is kept consistent throughout their page, whether it’s a product shot or otherwise. The rustic vibe of the café always comes through.


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Wishing all of you a blessed Christmas! We’re open today 9am – 5pm, last order at 4:30pm. Walk ins only 🙂

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The weekend can’t get any sweeter than this✨

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Another great example: Scoot airlines.

You know what they say: inside jokes and embarrassing photos wait for no one 🤪 That’s why we fly with Wi-Fi! ✈️ So…

Posted by FlyScoot on Friday, 11 October 2019

Everyone else has gone off on holiday but you've got tons of work? 🤷😩 It’s not too late to fit in a quick year-end…

Posted by FlyScoot on Wednesday, 24 October 2018

An all-rounded vacation in Perth? 😍 Kickstart your holidays in Perth by exploring the CBD – from beautiful graffiti…

Posted by FlyScoot on Tuesday, 23 October 2018


Judging by the tone of voice, it is clear the Scoot’s brand personality is one that is fun and friendly. Their yellow brand colour also features heavily in their posts, giving their page a consistent look. It also helps customers associate that particular yellow with the brand.

3. Make shareable content

Great content is content that people feel compelled to share. When people share your content, it helps create awareness for your brand and products.

Content is shareable when it’s relevant to your target audience and strikes a chord with them. How do you know what will resonate? Tap into your market research. Think about your customer base. What are the similarities between all your customers? Are they of a certain age? Do they have certain interests? Use this knowledge to craft content that will interest them.

One way to create shareable content is to make a reference to a hot topic. However, make sure to do so only if it fits your brand image and only when it is appropriate.

We hope this guide has been useful for all the social media newbies out there! Social media can be overwhelming when you’re just starting out but, when used appropriately, it can do real wonders for your business. If you want to read more about social media or marketing, check out the other articles on this blog. If you’re looking for expert help, you know who to call!


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